Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arrival in Tel Aviv

Bishop Bradley has arrived safely in Tel Aviv - 4:15 a.m. our time. Below is his first report from the Holy Land: 

"We got through customs control, got my luggage with no problem, and were met by the representative of Near East Tours (Net) who will be guiding us around.  We got on a charter bus for the 50 minute drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on a beautiful highway, passing through several military checkpoints, which comes right through the West Bank, with Palestinians living on both sides of that road behind barbed wire fences, but forbidden to use the road which is designated only for Israelites, and those they allow.  Immediately we see the complexity of this age old problem of division and hostility.  

  We have arrived at the Ambassador Hotel, which is very nice, overlooking the densely populated City of Jerusalem.  We are in East Jerusalem.  We have a few hours to freshen up and rest before going to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for a tour and Mass. I can't wait for that.  

With prayers for Peace,

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